Read EEPROM MCU ( Airbag IMMO BCM Dash ), VVDI PROG or XP400 pro or Orange5?

XP400 pro,Autel XP400, VVDI prog, UPA prog, Orange5, Batronix, xprog...all programmers
are very good at reeding eeprom mcu ( airbag, immobilizer, bcm , dash ).

Purpose: Looking for a best programmer to complete my workshop job: reed eeprom mcu ( airbag, immobilizer, bcm , dash ).


The possible working ECU programmers:

VVDI PROG or XP400 pro or Orange5


Any actual test reports:

  1. VVDI prog…UPA prog…Orange5…Batronix…xprog…all that tools are very good…



  1. I use both VVDIPROG and Orange 5 .
    Personally I like VVDI PROG because it has clear schematics, usual updates.
    The down size of VVDIPROG which I countered so far is problem writing 24cxx eeprom but you can do it with everything.



  1. Both Autel XP400 Pro and XP400 work ok in PC , Autel have software “ATProgrammer” for pc too download in home page and works perfect.

Just follow this article on Where to Download Autel XP400 Programmer Software?




  1. I make order for VVDIPROG ( on the ways ) I buy it only for Mercedes and some Eeprom.
    Autel XP400 pro work whit Pc and cover more Eeprom/MCU/Immobilizer that vvdi (check the picture ), for me its a powerful tool ( it will be my next purchase )



Keep on updating for the reviews…


As you read above, so far many users are using Xhorse VVDI Pro. In the near future, increasing number of ECU tunners will choose Autel XP400 Pro since it is a much more powerful programmer.


Toyota RAV4 2019 odometer correction ok with Iprog clone

 Question: which mcu or eeproom on odometer RAV4 2019? Can I read with VVDI Pro?



processor, don't think VVDI can do it. Carprog original and iProgPro will do them.


Test Reports:

iprogpro clone work 100% pinout is in

Iprog clone change  Toyota RAV4 2019  mileage

Iprog clone change  Toyota RAV4 2019  mileage


2. Iprog clone will do it. I did similar
job same cluster. You must remove needles to access but it is easy. Can do
in one hour or less. If you wondering how to remove needle use two plastic
spoon to pry evenly both side. Work like a charm every time
. You need
confidence and experience to do it and know how much pressure.

 Iprog clone change  Toyota RAV4 2019  mileage



How to Configure VXDIAG VCX “DoNet” super Remote Diagnostics

How-to: set up/Network configure “DoNet” super Remote For VXDIAG VCX Step-by-step

Kindly note:After obtaining VXDIAG “ DoNet ” remote diagnostics authorization, both Benz DoipVCX SE and VXDIAG VCX MULTI box are supposed to configure personal information, bind serial number, and connect to the network successfully.


User information needs to be configured for the first use.

The device serial number needs to be configured for the first use.

Fill in the serial number and click to save.

Go to the homepage to select the method of device networking ( Phone Hotspot is easiest method).  Please follow the next instructions to do the network connection and device reset.

The steps to connect the network using mobile hotspot:
1). Enter the phone “Settings”

2). Select “Other Wireless Connections”

3). Select “Personal Hotspot”

4). Turn on the “Personal Hotspot” switch

5). Select “Personal Hotspot Settings”

6). The name and password must be set to “DiagOnNet”, pay attention to uppercase and lowercase!

7). Do not choose 5G network, choose “2.4GHz Band”

Press the “Fn” button of the VXDIAG VCX SE Benz device ( for VXDIAG VCX box, The reset button is inside of the small hole) for 2 seconds to enter the network configuration mode,
Wait for about 30 seconds until you hear the beep of the device buzzer, then the network configuration is complete.

After the device is connected to the Internet, the home page will display device information (as shown in the image).
The device is connected to the network.

Open the latest version of VX MANAGER device client on the diagnostic computer
Enter “the remote diagnosis” menu, enter the device serial number, and click on “Refresh Device”.
After the device information appears, click on “Connect Device”.

After the connection is successful, you will be prompted to restart the VX MANAGER device client, after that there will be device information in the client.
It means that the device has been connected to this computer and you can start to diagnose and test the car.


Alright, the preparations are complete, you just request the VXDIAG technician to assist you in remote diagnosis.

Related articles:

C205 DME online coding via VXDIAG VCX SE DONET Remote

SKODA OCTAVIA Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3

Hello, guys. this is a  instruction here for you all on how to correct or change the mileage of SKODA OCTAVIA 2001 by using Digiprog 3 odometer programmer,only in 3 minutes! Check the below steps to know how simple it is!

Step1. Connect Digiprog iii with OCTAVIA via OBD2-port. Power up Digiprog iii and you see notice information, Press " √" to continue. Then enter password to open the main menu.


SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  1


Turn car ignition on, The indicator light on dashboard will flash. Check the parameter (km) on the dashboard.the old odometer value is 118058.

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  2SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3 3

Step2.Select -->CAR/TRUCK-->SKODA-->OCTAVIA-->1996-2004(1U)-->DIAG

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  4

  SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  4

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3 5
SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3 6

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3 7

Step 3. Press " √"  then it will  test automatically

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  9

Step 4. Enter new odometer value as you like

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  10

ChangeSKODA OCTAVIA 2001 mileage successfully by Digiprog 3 V4.94! Now new odometer value turns to 124272!

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  12

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  13

CusTomer FAQ:

Q : How can I Know where is my OBD2 port?

A: The On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) port is used to access the vehicle's computer for various tasks, such as emissions tests and diagnostics.
The OBD-II port is where the Hum System is installed so that the network can communicate with the vehicle directly.
After activation, the vehicle owner receives an alert email if the OBD reader has been plugged back in after being unplugged from the port.
For additional assistance in locating your particular model vehicle's OBD port, consult the OBD locator.

The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column (1 - 3 in the diagram below).
Note If not located beneath the steering column, look for the port in the areas indicated by numbers 4 - 9.

OBD-II port

In this cause,  the SKODA OCTAVIAOBD port is underneath the panel

SKODA OCTAVIA  Mileage Correction With Yanhua Digiprog 3  14

Review:FLY SVCI j2534 ,vxdiag vcx VCM IDS ,IDS3


Today, I start a topic: FLY SVCI j2534 vs IDS3 vs. vxdiag vcx vs. VCM IDS, thanks to all users’ feedback, they used them to diagnose or program old or new Ford cars.


  1. FLY svci j2534 reviews

it’s their in-house designed and manufactured tool that’s supposed to work with bunch of manufacturer’s software, like Ford’s IDS, Mazda IDS, Toyota TIS, etc.

SVCI J2534

Image source:


1). It’s a powerful tool and works with official. latest ids software


2).I just did a PCM/TCM Module programming on a 2014 fiesta with the svci j2534 today. Honestly I was surprised how well it worked. I would suggest a USB cable. I was having issues before because my laptop USB port did not supply enough current.


3).svci j2534 work good I tested many times program keys, sync immo , remove speedlimiter etc. and work OK.


  1. Rotunda VCM with IDS software review

Let’s start with one customer’s question:

Tried programming an older eec-v pcm 2000 f150, these are j1850 and require 18v feps on pin 13. I keep getting an feps error. When prompted to turn ignition on before it starts programming I see 18v being applied for 5 seconds then 0v and then the error. I tried bench programming it as well.

I ordered another svcij 2534 to see if it was an issue with mine but I haven’t had a chance to test it. I’ll just return it now. It’s weird because it work to diagnose j1850 just fine. And it does apply 18v to program. I haven’t had a problem with CAN vehicles.


Thanks to @sazimam who recommend Rotunda VCM with IDS for the Ford pre 2002:
As for the old, pre 2002 Ford cars – you need to have a Rotunda VCM with an old IDS like version V92 and it’s appropriate offline flash files database installed in a VM since the serial number of the clone device will be 99% blacklisted. See the forum for the VM that works OK, best knowledge about this has a user “scott…” if I remember this great guy well.


  1. Fly IDS3 user bought a replacement from VXDIAG VCX Nano Ford /IDS

Just an info for FLY company. I had an IDS3 from this company and worked well for just two years. After this period it became not supported and the module programming was impossible at all, confirmed by the FLYobd stuff with a sorry and with recommendation to buy SVCI that it’s supported nowadays. Of course I quit and bought a replacement from VCX that works like a charm work the recent SW version of IDS. Having 4 VCX devices now – the oldest one for 6years already and still working well with online updates I have to support them and recommend to buy their products!

In a word, vcx it’s the best quality, three vcx nanos, working as a charm !!

Vcm 03


One more time, big thanks to all users’ test reports.

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